Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Here We Go Again...

Well, by now you guys probably already know. Coach named his starter for Sunday at Carolina, and it's... Not me.

Am I surprised? Yes. Am I dissappointed? Yes. Do I wish Romo gets injured or anything? Absolutely.

Nothing too severe, just a torn MCL or ACL (but not both!). I'll even take a high ankle sprain. Torn rotator cuff... Severe concussion... I'm not being picky here. Strained calf, back spasms, I'll fucking take turf toe, I don't give a shit. What about that burst spleen thing? Is that common? You can't play without a spleen... That much I know...

Anyway. As reported, I am staying on as back up. I'm looking forward to wearing a headset on the sidelines, and flipping through those printed glossy black and white pages, showing them to Homo after each pick he throws.

"See that?" I'll say, "That's a defender. And that is the ball you threw into his hands. Generally you'll want to throw it to one of our players. But what do I know? 3,839 completions. 251 career TD's. They were all flukes." I'm sarcastic. That's something that doesn't come through in interviews. Now you guys know.

Anyway, I don't wanna dwell on football, this is my personal blog after all. So what else... what else... Oh yeah. I got a haircut today. That was cool. That's about it. Cool. Post again tomorrow after practice.

One other thing, according to ESPN Sportsnation polls, 47% of America thinks I should be the starter. I asked Coach if 147 million people can be wrong. He told me that figure only encapsulates the amount of people that voted, and not everybody in America. Then he asked me who the other 53% voted for. I told him "I dunno, Drew Hensen or some shit, I wasn't really paying attention."



Blogger EJ said...

you dont deserve to be a starter you cunt. even though i appreciate what you did for my patriots, you never REALLY had the game to beat the best... could you have topped warner? or would you have folded like you did against brett favre... we'll never know because tom brady came and answered the collective prayers of the patriots nation. thanks for everything drew, i dont really think Homo deserves to start either but thats what you get for playing for jerry jones

1:37 AM  
Blogger Internet Creatures said...

If Tony Romo sucks this weekend, Jay Mariotti will say that he told all of us so.

If Tony Romo wins this weekend, Jay Mariotti will say that he told all of us so.

Either way, Jay Mariotti will claim that he is right.

Let's get Jay Mariotti fired.

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Good luck with the blog.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Magnus Thomsen said...

Sweet.....This is now official my new favorite blog :o)

4:08 AM  
Blogger Flashman said...

when are you gioing to post a new blog drew???

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"drew henson or some shit" hahaha

1:07 PM  

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